A Challenge to Wooden Pallets Domination

Company Overview

Paradigm Plastic Pallets, Inc. is an innovator in pallet industry and a leader in its development. Paradigm’s patented hollow-board design delivers a better strength-to-weight ratio compared to the performance of wooden pallets and other plastic alternatives.
The Company was launched to create a new line of pallets produced from recycled plastic that can meet growing demand for a durable and sustainable material handling platform. The main goal was to replace wooden pallets with extrudable high density material (HDPE) units that would be lighter, more durable and free of contaminates. It was achieved when Paradigm shipped its first hollow-board plastic pallet in 2010.
Since then Paradigm has been supplying innovative pallets to a growing number of Midwest customers directly from its plant in Jasper (Indiana). As an outcome, more and more companies choose a seamless and sustainable path to replace their inferior pallets’ inventory in order to reach higher levels in their logistics and supply chain efficiencies.
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wooden pallets

Our Vision

Paradigm’s vision is to bring the required change to a global pallet industry, which has not seen significant innovation in decades. Despite their wide use within today’s logistics and supply chain operations, wooden pallets continue to be the pain point for businesses. Obviously, a more efficient substitute for these customary shipping platforms is in strong demand today. To meet these needs Paradigm has entered the market with a breakthrough solution that offers the performance benefits required by the major part of the payload while having design flexibility and a lower cost. Both the highly disruptive hollow-board plastic pallet design and the manufacturing process address the demand for a lighter, cleaner, cost effective and sustainable material handling tool. Paradigm’s modular vacuum extrusion process is highly scalable and allows for quick expansion. Customer validation of Paradigm pallet system is now complete. The Company is poised to increase production to meet substantial market needs within North America.

Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets

Pallets play an important support role in the transportation of most goods. The gains of their use are so impressive that many experts consider the pallet to be the most important material handling innovation of the 20th century. There are  an estimated 13 billion pallets in circulation around the world with the annual demand at 5 billion new units to sustain this level.
Wooden pallets in the US market are by far the most commonly used and account for 93% of the total pallet stock. Nearly 2.6 billion units produced from wood will be part of the inventory by 2019. Just to maintain the current demand within the US market, pallet manufacturers produce over 1,3 billion new and recycled shipping platforms each year.
Built mainly for one use only, wooden pallets are too often discarded after their shipping lives. If not rescued for upcycling they end up in landfills (3% of all waste) or burnt for firewood which can release harmful chemicals. Its manufacture consumes up to 15% of all lumber produced in the country – more than any other industry except home construction.
These staggering waste statistics are creating a shift in demand for a more environmentally sustainable pallet platform. Paradigm’s pallet is the solution.