Waste to Value


Sustainability in your Supply Chain

Our mission is to bring design innovation, efficiency and sustainability to the global supply chain through the use of our patented hollow-board plastic pallet systems. Paradigm’s shipping platforms are helping companies every day meet their sustainability goals and at the same time reduce their operating costs. Our products are lighter, cleaner, safer, more adaptable and environmentally friendlier than traditional wood pallets.

Introducing Paradigm Closed Loop System

The North American pallet industry is poised for innovation. Corporations are actively pursuing logistics improvements that will allow them to become more sustainable. Paradigm offers its customers the ability to take plastic waste that they or others produce and recycle the waste into a finished pallet. That pallet can then be used in a closed loop system of shipping and receiving products. This sustainable system offers significant savings for companies looking to be more efficient with their waste.

How does this work?

Paradigm Closed Loop System (CLS) is offered to our high volume plastic manufacturing customers who have the ability to take their plastic waste materials that are usually destined to landfill and re-direct those materials to Paradigm for recycled plastic pallet production. The benefits to our customers are ongoing and the implementation of this CLS might be the best in reduce, reuse and recycle in  the logistics marketplace today.

Waste Plastic

Step 1

We take your plastic product waste

Process Plastic

Step 2

We reuse your discarded plastic

Produce a Pallet

Step 3

We process your pallet
We are introducing our CLS to large recycling companies that currently have recycling box programs located throughout North America. The benefits are ongoing and the implementation of this system is easy and attractive for plastics recyclers and their client companies. Check it out.

How a multi-billion dollar plastics packaging company goes from waste to Paradigm

With annual sales exceeding $5 billion and 80 global manufacturing facilities, one of the largest plastics packaging producers and marketers in the world is turning their plastic waste stream into Paradigm recyclable pallets and ultimately big cost savings. Our customer recognized that wasted materials from the manufacture of their plastic packaging products were going to landfill, and that the waste could be recycled into a commercial product. Beginning in 2010, this customer implemented Paradigm’s Closed Loop Program, converting its scrap HDPE waste stream from production into Paradigm plastic pallets. In just the 1st year they utilize 395,000 Lbs of scrap resin to replace over 72,000 inferior wooden pallets with reusable pallets. The end result has been over $3 million in savings to date in their Midwest manufacturing operation. Another example of waste-to-value with recycled resins.

Plastic Resin

Recycled Resin – Making use of discarded plastic

The word “sustainability” is defined by the capability of being continued with minimum long-term effect on the environment. The long-term effect on the environment from producing resin (plastic) from hydro carbons is a continuing and growing problem globally. Plastic has become an ever increasing issue within our environment but we at Paradigm Plastic Pallets Inc. believe we have an excellent solution to some of the millions of pounds of un-recycled plastic product that is produced every year in North America.

Paradigm pallets are produced from recycled high density poly ethylene (HDPE) which is recovered from products such as plastic bags, pop bottle, milk jugs and piping to name a few. The recycle plastic is reground and then used in our patented production process.

Environmentally Conscious is Paradigm

Unlike a lot of products in the market place today, we believe Paradigm pallets are truly environmentally friendly. The facts are there, we take waste from a manufacturer that would have ended up in a land fill and produce a product that can be used more often than its replacement. The Paradigm pallet can then be recycled again and again. In essence we have created our own closed loop system.

Other environmental benefits can be seen when using Paradigm product;

  • Shipping weights are less saving valuable fuel
  • C02 emissions are less
  • Fewer trees are harvested
  • Less wooden pallets in landfills (currently wooden pallets are the 8th largest contributor to landfills)