Custom Pallets

Custom Pallets

Standard pallet size or customised to meet your needs

GMA pallets are the most popular and have standard pallet size of 48″x40″ footprint. Besides GMA type pallet production, Paradigm  flexible vacuum extrusion manufacturing process allows to meet customized requirements. You can now order custom sizes and features (e.g. color, hygiene, fire resistance, asset tracking, branding) across signal or multiple product lines. No time-consuming set-up or costly tooling to get just the right pallet size.

Set dimensions & features

Paradigm’s hollow-board production was engineered to provide infinite design flexibility to a broad range of customers based on their individual shipping needs and preferences. Hollow-board pallets can be designed and produced in a variety of dimensions with high quality and yield.  Sizes can vary from a 24”x 24” up to a 60”x 60”. All design features are engineered to ensure rigidity. Our design allows for lighter or heavier loads with minimal modifications. Making simple additions or deletions to current production is simple, such as no boards on the bottom or full coverage top and bottom. All pallets are produced in a clean environment with no waste stream. tape-measure




Custom Pallets

Set your color

Our pallets can be produced in color. You can order specific colors for branding or warehousing purposes or any other application. Unlike wooden pallets that are spray painted after assembly; Paradigm delivers your pallets in the color you requested. No double steps, no added time or costs.



Meet special criteria

Our pallets are robust and designed with the logistics industry in mind. Our pallets meet special criteria by default

Hygienic Pallet


Anti Bacterial, anti Pest, our pallets are not prone to mold or contaminants.

Fire Resistant Pallet

Fire Resistant

Our Pallets can be engineered to be fire resistant and made to withstand harsh environments both hot and cold.
Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking & Security

Integrate the latest location and asset tracking and security technology, including RFID tagging, bar coding and other electronic security measures.