Introducing Paradigm Pallet

The pallet the material handling industry has been waiting for has finally arrived. Made from 100% recycled plastic, these reusable pallets are lightweight, incredibly durable and cost effective. The global shipping market is about to lower its carbon footprint and become more profitable in the process. Meet Paradigm Pallet.

Paradigm Pallet

Practical Design

Paradigm pallet is engineered for the practical movement of goods within standard manufacturing, warehouse and transportation environments. Four way pallet ensures access to your products from any angle. It is designed for all conventional material-handling equipment as well as automated handling systems. Simply the best reusable pallets in the industry.


Product Access Points

Featuring four way pallet  plus access to products directly for easy unloading and loading of products on reusable pallets.

Paradigm Pallet

Up to



Paradigm Pallet


Paradigm pallets are up to 50% lighter and therefore cost less to move freight. Shippers can build more optimal loads because of the reduced non-value added weight. Reduction translates to lighter overall loads and leads to cost savings when moving freight. Lighter pallets also substantially reduce employee injuries in the workplace. Less fuel, less cost per trip, fewer injuries equals overall less cost.

Why so light weight?

Paradigm has developed and patented a hollow-board plastic pallet design that provides an optimal strength-to-weight ratio for more than 90% of current US payload.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Paradigm’s lighter pallet systems significantly reduce emissions.

Less gas, less carbon, better for the planet.

Increase profits

Lighter weight reduces fuel needed to transport goods and reduces overheads and disposal costs typically associated with required maintenance, refurbishment or replacement of less durable pallets.

Lighter weight translates to more money in your pocket.



Paradigm Pallet


Durability, high resistance to impact and range of operating temperatures enables a long service life cycle in comparison to wood pallets. According to the NWPCA, a wood pallet is only good for two-to-three trips or “turns” before requiring repair or replacement. Paradigm pallets average forty (40) turns and are warranted for 30 turns. Pallet durability and recyclability eliminates substantial costs that businesses currently absorb in relation to wood pallet use, repair and disposal.

Reliable & Strong
Superior strength-to-weight ratio than wood and composite pallets and significantly outperforms plastic pallet alternatives. Paradigm meets all industry performance specifications.
Health and Safety
Paradigm’s hollow-boards have open, uncapped ends allowing them to be hygienically power washed or steam cleaned and efficiently moisture-drained, a critical factor in the food  and poultry/meat/dairy industries where sanitized production areas are a requirement.

Employees are also protected from injury often associated with damaged wooden pallets (protruding nails, screws, splinters).

Weather Resistant
Paradigm pallets do not absorb moisture and can easily be stored outside without occupying expensive warehouse square footage.
Anti Contamination
Paradigm plastic will not mold, rot, harvest pests, or cross-contaminate goods or other material-handling systems or equipment.

Get the pallet that meets your needs

Paradigm Pallet

Customizable and tailored for your requirements

Over 50% of the pallets used in the market today are non-standard. Small pallet sizes are of special demand. Paradigm’s flexible vacuum extrusion manufacturing process means customers’ tailored pallet requirements can be met easily and affordably. Whether it is a non-standard size pallet size or providing custom features (color, hygiene, fire resistance, asset tracking, branding) across multiple product lines, Paradigm Plastic Pallets Inc. is your best logistics solutions partner.

Made to order

Our flexible assembly allows us to service a broad range of customers and industries based on their individual needs. Customers can order custom sizes with no time-consuming and costly tooling.

Comes in different colors

Our Pallets come in many colors and if desired, you can order colors to meet branding and operational needs or for other specific applications.

Meets special criteria

Our pallets are engineered to integrate the latest location and asset tracking and security technology, including RFID tagging, bar coding and other electronic security measures.

Made from


recycled plastic


reusable pallets

Paradigm Pallet

Manufactured with Recycled Plastic

Environmental concerns are an important driver of innovation within industrial supply chains. Our pallet is made from recycled plastic commonly referred to as high density poly ethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). This recycled material comes from Post Consumer Regrind (PCR) – items such as plastic bags, pop bottles, piping and milk jugs – and from Post Industrial Regrind (PIR) – waste material from the manufacture of plastics goods themselves. Paradigm Plastic Pallets Inc. offers its customers the ability to take plastic waste that they or others produce and recycle the waste into a finished pallet.

Entirely 100% Recyclable
Paradigm’s shipping platforms are designed to be reused, reduced and recycled back into the green eco-system. No nails, screws, fasteners or fibre to separate and dispose separately.
Made from 100% Recycled Plastic
Paradigm offers its customers the ability to take plastic waste that they or others produce and recycle the waste into a finished pallet made from 100% recycled plastic.
Use your Plastic Waste
We offer a unique partnership with our clients who generate waste plastic. We take your waste plastic and turn them into pallets for you to use for your shipping requirements. True waste-to-value.