About Paradigm Plastic Pallets Inc.

Company Overview

Paradigm Plastic Pallets Inc. is a vertically integrated innovator in plastic pallet system development, manufacture and supply. The patented hollow-board plastic pallet design delivers superior strength-to-weight performance compared to wood, composite and plastic pallet alternatives. The Company was launched in 2008 to create a new line of plastic pallets produced from recycled plastic that could meet industry’s growing demand for a durable and sustainable material handling platform. The initial goal was to replace the manufactured wood pallet with an extrudable high density material (HDPE) that would be lighter, more durable, and free of contaminates. This goal was achieved when Paradigm shipped its first hollow-board plastic pallet in 2010. Since then, Paradigm has supplied a growing number of Midwest customers directly from its Jasper, Indiana manufacturing plant. Paradigm pallets continue to provide manufacturing, warehousing and retail customers with a seamless and sustainable way to replace their wood pallets with a lighter, cleaner, customizable recycled plastic pallet system that allows them to reduce, reuse and recycle cost effectively.

Our Vision

Paradigm’s vision has been to bring required change to a global pallet industry that has not seen significant innovation in pallet system design or manufacture in decades – until now. Despite their wide use within today’s supply chain, wood manufactured pallets have presented challenges to industry for decades. To meet these challenges, Paradigm needed to create a recyclable pallet system that offered all the performance benefits of plastic pallets while offered design flexibility not seen before at a cost lower than a standard wood pallet. Paradigm Plastic Pallets Inc. answered with its highly disruptive hollow-board plastic pallet design and manufacturing process to address the need for a lighter, cleaner and cost-effective sustainable material-handling solution. The patented hollow-board design provides an industry-leading strength-to-weight shipping platform, with superior performance characteristics over pallet alternatives. The Company’s modular vacuum extrusion manufacturing process allows for quick manufacturing expansion and is highly scalable providing even the largest customers with a consistent, high quality 100% recyclable pallet system. Customer validation of Paradigm plastic pallet system is now complete; the Company is poised to scale production to meet substantial market demand within North America.

Pallet Industry

Pallets play an important support role in the transportation of most goods between suppliers, warehouses, retailers and customers. Pallets have been instrumental in moving most goods through the supply chain with great efficiency; the gains so impressive, in fact, that many experts consider the pallet to be the most important material-handling innovation of the twentieth century.
The global pallet market is huge. In 2012 there were an estimated 12 to 13 billion pallets in circulation around the world with demand estimated at 5.07 billion new pallets to sustain this level.
In the US market, wood pallets are by far the most commonly used and are expected to make up 93% of the forecasted pallet stock of 2.6 billion units by 2019. Just to maintain the current pallet pool within the US market, over 1,3 billion new and recycled pallets are required each year.
Freedonia’s (2015) research indicates the pallet market demand in the US is expected to grow annually by 1.9% through 2019 to 2.6 billion units. Demand for plastic pallets will grow the fastest of any product type in through 2017. Currently over 50% of the market is comprised of non-standard sized pallets.
It is estimated that wood pallets, many built for one turn or use only, represent up to 3 per cent of all waste that ends up in US landfills. Wood pallet production consumes 12 to 15 percent of all lumber produced in the US, more than any other industry except home construction.
These staggering waste statistics are creating a shift in demand for a more environmentally sustainable pallet platform. Paradigm’s product is the solution.