Changing Pallets to meet modern shipping demands

Paradigm offers customers the ability to replace their existing wooden and other plastic pallets with a lighter, reliable and environmentally friendly alternative  that allows to optimise their logistics and supply chain solutions.

Our mission is to ensure an extensive implementation and a continuing improvement of an industry leading technology that provides shipping with a more productive, cost effective and sustainable material handling platform.



Patented hollow-board design means optimal strength-to-weight performance for the major part of payload distribution. Paradigm stackable pallets are up to 50% lighter than wooden and other plastic alternatives. As a result they cost less to move freight, reduce GHG emission and minimise work place injuries. It also keeps to a minimum the wear and tear of the equipment used to move these pallets.



No single factor consistently influences supply chain decisions as much as cost reduction. 40 trips over their life cycle make Paradigm units 10% of the cost per turn in comparison with wooden pallets. They are less likely to breakdown on multiple use. This advantage becomes more important if a customer operates closed loop system where pallets are returned and reused. In addition to that, these shipping platforms are weather resistant and easy to clean.

Standard and Customized

In North America GMA pallet with a footprint of 48″x40″ is referred to as standard and widely used. Still over 50% of the inventory today has custom sizes. No problem as Paradigm can easily meet either standard or any particular requirement. Whether you store or move the product you will get the pallet tailored to your need. Match our pallet sizes to your product footprint. Get Paradigm solution to reduce your freight expenses.



Paradigm customers have the ability to take plastic waste that they or others produce and convert it into fully recyclable plastic pallets. It allows to take advantage of 100% regrind to lower costs and reduce environmental waste. Furthermore multi-trips and long shelf life performance of our product also help customers meet their sustainability goals.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint with Paradigm Pallets

Recycling done right

Progressive businesses are transforming the world through the responsible sourcing, efficient energy use, process optimisation and recycling: it provides social and sustainability benefit. Why is recycling important? When materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash are turned into new products, the need to consume fresh resources is reduced. As a result, it helps to conserve raw materials for future generations. Paradigm has saved a major plastics product manufacturer over $3 million by converting their post industrial waste stream into pallets which are used on the factory floor today.

Environmental Concerns

Waste management statistics and facts about landfills are shocking. Land pollution and other major issues represent a considerable measure of danger to well-being of people. Finding solutions to these vital problems is an important driver of innovation within industrial supply chains. Paradigm makes its contribution by reducing used and broken wooden pallets taken to landfills, manufacturing products from 100% waste plastic regrind and designing unique pallets which are light in weight but optimal in strength for the major part of the payload demand. We save our forests! We keep our air and water cleaner!

How a multi-billion dollar plastics packaging company goes from waste to Paradigm

With annual sales exceeding $5 billion, one of the largest plastics packaging producers in the world is turning their plastic waste stream into Paradigm units. The customer recognized that wasted materials from the manufacture were going to landfill and that it could be recycled into a commercial product. In 2010 this company implemented Paradigm’s Closed Loop Program. At the beginning of the process, its scrap HDPE waste stream is transformed into plastic pallets. At the end – it is followed by pallet recycling itself. In just the 1st year they utilized 395,000 lbs of scrap resin to replace over 72,000 wooden shipping platforms with Paradigm pallets.