Plastic pallets


Changing the Pallet to meet modern shipping demands

Paradigm offers customers the ability to replace their existing wood and other plastic pallets with a lighter, reliable and environmentally friendly alternative  that allows to optimise their supply chain solutions.

Our mission is to ensure an extensive implementation and a continuing improvement of an industry-leading plastic pallet technology that provides shipping with a more productive, cost-effective and sustainable material-handling platform.

Plastic Pallets

Light Weight

Patented hollow-board design means optimal strength-to-weight performance for the major part of payload distribution. Paradigm stackable pallets are up to 50% lighter than wood and other plastic alternatives. As a result they cost less to move freight, reduce GHG emission and work place injuries.

Plastic Pallets


Average 40+ trips over their life cycle make Paradigm plastic pallets 10% of the cost per turn in comparison with wood pallets. Our multi-trip and long term performance pallets make meaningful contribution to our customers’ logistics efficiency gains.

Plastic Pallets

Standard and Custom Designs

In North America GMA pallets with a footprint of 48″x40″ are referred to as standard and widely used. Still over 50% of the pallets in the market today are non-standard. Paradigm can easily meet both standard and custom requirements as to length, width, height and load capacity.

Plastic Pallets


Customers have the ability to take plastic waste that they or others produce and convert it into fully recyclable plastic pallets. Hence Paradigm takes advantage of 100% regrind to lower costs, reduce environmental waste and help customers meet their supply chain sustainability goals.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Recycling done right

Progressive businesses are transforming the world through the responsible sourcing, efficient energy use, process optimisation that provide social and sustainability benefit. Paradigm has saved a major plastics product manufacturer over $3 million by converting their post industrial waste stream into plastic pallets used on the factory floor today.

Environmentally Beneficial

Environmental concerns are an important driver of innovation within industrial supply chains. Paradigm recycled plastic pallets can significantly reduce the volume of used and broken wood pallets taken to landfill.  Lighter pallet also cuts emissions and cost per trip. Shippers can build more optimal loads because of the reduced weight displacement.

How a multi-billion dollar plastics packaging company goes from waste to Paradigm

With annual sales exceeding $5 billion, one of the largest plastics packaging producers in the world is turning their plastic waste stream into Paradigm recyclable pallets. The customer recognized that wasted materials from the manufacture were going to landfill and that it could be recycled into a commercial product. Beginning in 2010, this company implemented Paradigm’s Closed Loop Program, converting its scrap HDPE waste stream from production into plastic pallets. In just the 1st year they utilized 395,000 lbs of scrap resin to replace over 72,000 wood shipping platforms with reusable Paradigm pallets. The end result has been over $3 million in savings to date in their Midwest manufacturing operation.